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What is the Summer Passport?

The #DrinkIllinois Summer Passport rewards craft beer fans for exploring our state’s independent breweries and enjoying beer crafted right here in Illinois. When a craft beer is purchased at a participating brewery, the passport holder receives a Passport Sticker. Passport holders who receive Passport Stickers from 40 or more unique venues between May 15 and August 15 and send their Passport Verification Form to the ICBG before the deadline are eligible for one free year of the ICBG’s enthusiast program, ImBIBE.

When does the Summer Passport begin?

The Summer Passport program begins on May 15 and runs through August 15. All eligible entries must be sent to ICBG, postmarked no later than August 15.

Where can I pick up a Passport to Summer?

The Summer Passports are available at Official Pickup Locations throughout the state beginning May 15th. Official Pickup Locations can be found here ( denotes an Official Pickup Location).

Are Official Pickup Locations and Participating Breweries the same?

No. All Official Pickup Locations are participating in the Summer Passport, but not all Participating Breweries are Official Pickup Locations. The Official Pickup Locations are marked with a * on the list of Participating Breweries, found here.

What if the brewery I visit is out of Summer Passports?

Summer Passports are available at Official Pickup Locations while supplies last. When a brewery runs out of Summer Passports, they will not receive more, so Passport-seekers are encouraged to get their Summer Passports early.

How do I redeem my Summer Passport?

Passport holders must receive Passport Stickers from 40 or more breweries, taprooms, or brewpubs to qualify for the ImBIBE membership. When a patron visits the 40th brewery, taproom, or brewpub, an employee will verify the Passport contains 40 stickers and sign the Passport Authorization Form found on the last page of each Passport. Passport holders must complete the form (information must be legible). Completed Passport Authorization Forms must be postmarked by August 11th and mailed to the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild:

ICBG, Inc.
20 W. Kinzie St., 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

Can I combine my Passport Stickers with Passport Stickers from another Summer Passport?

No. To be eligible for an ImBIBE membership, each Passport must contain a minimum of 40 stickers from 40 unique participating breweries, brewpubs, or taprooms.

What is the Passport Authorization Form?

We know you love your Summer Passport, and we want you to hang onto it as a reminder of all your craft beer adventures. That’s why we’ve created the Passport Authorization Form, found inside each Summer Passport. This form, which will be completed by the 40th brewery, taproom, or brewpub visited by the Passport holder, can be removed from the Passport and sent to ICBG, postmarked by August 11th, to be eligible for the ImBIBE membership.

What is ImBIBE?

ImBIBE stands for I’m a Big Illinois Beer Enthusiast. It’s the only statewide membership program that rewards you for supporting Illinois craft breweries. ImBIBE membership, valued at $50, provides incentives throughout the year, including pre-sale (and in some cases discounted) tickets to ICBG festivals, a Drink Illinois t-shirt, exclusive industry content and guaranteed access to a Summer Passport. For more information and a full list of membership benefits, please visit www.illinoisbeer.org/imbibe.

What if I’m already an ImBIBE member?

If you are an existing ImBIBE member and send a verified Passport Authorization Form to ICBG by August 15, you will be eligible for a one-year ImBIBE membership extension. Your new ImBIBE membership will take effect when your current membership expires. There will be no lapse in membership.

Still have questions? Email info@illinoisbeer.com.

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